The jb collective 

The JB Collective is a premier consortium of businesses with a mission to be social and economic influencers in Wisconsin. This consortium is primarily responsible for governance over the executive boards of its member entities, financial reporting & auditing, and strategic oversight for the direction of its governed companies and organizations. 

Each member-entity is assigned a liaison from the Governance Board of The JB Collective to serve as Director of Board Governance for their designated entity and serves as an ex-officio board member on its executive board.

Bryan D. Evans, Sr., MBA

The JB Collective Liason

Bryan is excited to support the Wisconsin Justice League as its liaison from The JB Collective. Bryan serves as the Chief Financial Officer for The JB Collective and has a wealth of knowledge in non-profit management and board governance.

As a previously experienced administrator, he has worked with many companies, from the private to the public sectors. He must say that he has found the most enjoyment in work done with the JB Collective. Bryan brings an enormous amount of skillset to his role through his training in business administration, technology, finance, and ownership of his private consulting firm, Solvent Consulting.

His duties as Chief Financial Officer include managing financial obligations and ensuring fiscal solvency of all member entity’s financial books, records, and accounting systems. He also oversees our fund development operations and strategies. Additionally, Bryan governs the Collective’s administrative practices and technology policies and usage.

His education in Systems Administration, Project Management, and Business Administration has prepared him for this career. In contrast, his work experience with highly regarded Not-For-Profit and For-Profit corporations has allowed him to perfect his skills in a way that has made him an asset to many entities across the country. He hopes to utilize this expertise and experience to aid the Wisconsin Justice League’s mission and be an asset to the Executive Board of Directors. Bryan aims to ensure Wisconsin Justice League strives towards reaching its goals and becoming better for itself and the community which it serves.

One of his mottos in life is, “Live life by design and not by default.” He endeavors each day to propel himself and others to live a designed and intentional life with purposeful direction.


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