Diversion Project

The Wisconsin Justice League would like to influence the more frequent use of Deferred Prosecution Agreement to allow a broader range of availability to serve the underprivileged as well as develop diversionary programs which will reduce the power of probation agents to send offenders back to jail so that defendants can maintain their freedoms and liberties.

LaJuan House

The Wisconsin Justice League would like to establish a mental health, community-based halfway house for those suffering from mental health crises who cannot find or afford the appropriate resources necessary for rehabilitation. Our organization would like to provide vital treatment and appropriate counseling as an option outside of incarceration.

Booby Trap

The Wisconsin Justice League would like to educate the community and promote change to the criminal justice system to improve bail criteria and conditions. People who have not yet been convicted of a crime end up stuck in custody without the necessary knowledge or resources to maintain their innocence until proven guilty.

Ex-Solitary Confinement

The Wisconsin Justice League is working towards limiting the inhumane use of solitary confinement for juvenile and adult inmates by creating change and understanding of the grave repercussions solitary confinement perpetrates on one’s psyche and overall health.

Crime Doesn’t Pay

The Wisconsin Justice League would like to end the exploitation within the prison system exposing inmates to harmful conditions, volatile environments, and intense manual labor for little to no pay. We wish to instill the notion that prisoners are still human beings, working towards rehabilitating their way of living, and should be treated as such.


“By fighting for statewide reform at a variety of government levels, the state can right the wrong before the problem becomes worse.”

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