Justice reform


Criminal Justice Reform

  • Diversion Project-develop diversionary programs which will reduce the power of probation agents to send offenders back to jail so that defendants can maintain their freedoms and liberties.
  • LaJuan House-establish a mental health, community-based halfway house for those suffering from mental health crises who cannot find or afford the appropriate resources
  • Booby Trap-promote change to the criminal justice system to improve bail criteria and conditions and uniform smart data risk assessments
  • X-Solitary Confinement-limiting the inhumane use of solitary confinement for juvenile and adult inmates
  • Crime Doesn’t Pay-end the exploitation within the prison system exposing inmates to harmful conditions, volatile environments, and intense manual labor for little to no pay
  • Decriminalization– changing certain property crimes into private right of action claims will significantly remove certain data from crime rate statistics while increasing the number of the amounts of violation reported and resolved by private citizens

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